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​Car in your bag

WALKCAR is a “portable car” invented in Japan. It is a car you can carry around like a laptop PC, and it offers a new lifestyle that is not dependent on any transportation network. The time to choose “walking” or “WALKCAR” anytime has come.


The same size as a 13-inch laptop

The size of a laptop PC gives it the portability to fit in a bag, and it is the best shape for safety. The vehicle height is just 74mm above the ground (about the width of a smartphone). The flat and square standing surface allows you to step off instantly in any direction safely. 

13inch laptop


Self-healing paint coated boarding surface is hard to scratch It improves grip and enables stable driving.

6.5lb The world lightest personal mobility

The body frame uses a “carbonaceous material” that actualizes “super light” and “smooth driving.” To give it enough strength to the four-wheel independent suspension, “machined extra super duralumin” material of a grade used in the aerospace industry has been used.

Carbon fiber


 Aircraft grade


Development of the world's smallest In-wheel motor *1

*1 For in-wheel motors for single-seater mobile devices. As of May 2020, according to our research.
*2 Loaded 60 kg and value in our test environment

A special motor for WALKCAR has been developed after five years of pursuit. The body is wholly integrated through welding that reduced the space for screws and maximized the coil space to the extreme. It drives at a speed of bicycles at 16km/h and can drive up slopes of up to 10 degrees*2.

Handsfree control 

The four sensors installed inside the standing surface lets you control the basic maneuver based on you shifting your weight to accelerate, deaccelerate, and turn without using a handle or a remote controller.

Automatic stop

 It automatically stops at your footstep when you get off from the WALKCAR.


Walking assist mode (up to 6km/h)

*WALKCAR in this video is a prototype.


13inch laptop


About 6.5lb


Max speed

Cruising distance

10 mph ( sport )

   6 mph ( normal )

    3 mph walking assist )

    3 miles (sport)

4.5 miles (normal)
4.5 miles (walking assist)

Lightweight material



・Carbon fiber

・Ultra duralumin

Made in


4-wheel independent


Tech specs

Product Name






215 mm × 346 mm × 74 mm


2.9 kg 

Max. Speed

16 km/h (sports mode)

10km/h (normal mode)

6km/h (walking assist mode)

Max. Climbing Capacity

10 degrees   ( 60kg load and value in our test environment)

Travel Distance on Full Charge

7 km (walking assist mode)

7 km (normal mode)

5km (sports mode)

(60kg load and value in our test environment)

Full Charge Time

60 minutes

Energy (rechargeable battery)

Lithium-ion (Li-ion), 68 Wh

Required Power

Household outlet 100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Max. Load Capacity

80 kg

Min. Load Capacity

30 kg

Maximum Output

600 W

Rated Output

260 W


-10 to 40 ℃

Bundled Items

WALKCAR body, charger, instruction manual

*2 Depending on the production period, the product weight, color, size, design, or material texture may be somewhat different. Please note that in advance.


WALKCAR user manual

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・Use the product per traffic local laws and regulations.

・It will take up to three months to ship the product from the day of the order. 

・Because we conduct build-to-order manufacturing, we do not accept cancellations or product returns due to customer reasons.

・If it is difficult for us to ship the product after three months from the date of order, or if it turns out that the product cannot be shipped to the requested country due to local delivery regulations, we can cancel or refund the order at the customer's request.

・The product will be shipped from Japan. Please pay custom duties individually according to your country's regulations.​ 





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Replacement parts/additional purchases

Front tire (for replacement)

​Set of 2 with replacement tool

(free shipping)

Rear tire (for replacement)

​Set of 2 with replacement tool

(free shipping)

Charger (for additional purchase)

Same as the main body accessories

(free shipping)
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