Car in your bag.

"If you can carry a car"

The world's smallest electric mobility born from such an idea.

Train commute, from the station to your house, to your destination a few kilometers away.

The wider the area of movement, the more vibrant and prosperous people's lives will be, and the more lifestyles and cities will change.

"WALKCAR" changes the concept of movement

Innovative mobility.

ロゴ 白背景.png


Smooth driving

Run to slide on the ground


Exciting and dynamic movement

New experience

Experience that can only be experienced with WALKCAR



"Strong and compact body"

This car, which you can carry around like a laptop,

Support your movement at any time.

Take it anywhere you like and from your bag

You can take it out quickly and get on immediately.

Also, because it can be placed upright, it can be charged or

You don't have to worry about the storage space.

13inch laptop size

Polycarbonate material with excellent impact resistance is used for the boarding surface. Furthermore, the surface is coated with a self-healing paint to prevent scratches and improve grip.

Carbon (CFRTP)

Carbon material is used for the main frame of the main body to realize an "ultra-lightweight" and "tough" body. It is 10 times stronger and 1/4 lighter than iron, and is supported by a carbon frame with a thickness of only 3.3 mm.

In addition, the highly elastic body itself makes it possible for the tires to firmly capture the road surface and enable "flexible driving."

Extra super duralumin (A7075)

The frame that supports the front and rear wheels uses ultra-super duralumin cut products that are also used for aircraft wings in order to achieve "lightness and strength."

"I want to go somewhere"


Minimal design concept

While having the function of achieving high running performance even outdoors, we have eliminated waste and pushed the lightness and storability to the utmost limit.

In addition, it is designed so that screws that impair the design are not visible at all, and the simple look enhances the fashionability as something to wear and carry around.


Coloring that blends into the blue sky and the city


Blue with the image of running under the blue sky with an active feeling.

A chic blue that blends into your cityscape and asphalt.

Finished in a color that shows both expressions.

New color appeared

A new color "Ipsum Silver" has been added to the lineup.

Formal colors make it easy to match with any occasion, and a minimal and cool WALKCAR design

Bring out.


"Running performance beyond imagination"

High performance

World's smallest * 1 in-wheel motor

Newly developed motor for WALKCAR.

Welded joints have reduced wasted screw space and maximized coil space.

The ultra-compact size has achieved torque performance of 16km / h, which is comparable to that of a bicycle, and powerful climbing uphill * 2 at 10 degrees .

*1 For in-wheel motors for single-seater mobile devices. As of May 2020, according to our research.
*2 Loaded 60 kg and value in our test environment


maximum speed



Climbing ability

Suspension mechanism

4-wheel independent suspension.

In addition to the vertical suspension, the front wheels are equipped with a front-rear suspension.

It softens the impact of uneven roads and steps, and achieves high running performance even with a small tire diameter.

Vertical direction

Vertical direction

Longitudinal direction

Hands-free operation

"Simple and intuitive"


By using the 4-point sensor built into the boarding surface, you can accelerate, decelerate, and curve with simple foot operations centered on the movement of the center of gravity.

basic operation


move on

Step on "both feet" toes

Bend your knees lightly and tilt your center of gravity


Lightly raise "one" toe


Automatic stop when getting off

When you get off WALKCAR, it will stop automatically at your feet.


* 1 Please refer to the "Instruction Manual" for details on how to ride.

3 modes

"Fit to the scene"

Walking assist mode

You can ride with confidence at the speed of a fast walk.

Suitable for running in parallel with pedestrians or moving indoors.

Maximum speed

6 km / h

Cruising range approx.

7 km * 1


Normal mode

It is suitable for running far and walking while enjoying the scenery at the speed of running.

Cruising range approx. 7km * 1

Maximum speed

10 km / h


Sport mode

It is suitable when you want to move fast or enjoy active driving at the speed of a bicycle.

Cruising range approx. 5km * 1

Maximum speed

16 km / h

* 1 Load weight 60 kg and value in our test environment

Fast charge



If you carry a charger with you, you can quickly charge it in your spare time at a cafe or office.

Functions that enhance safety

Vehicle height of only 74 mm

In addition to the stability of the four wheels, the vehicle height is only 74 mm from the ground (about the width of the smartphone), and the flat boarding surface makes it easy to get on and off, and you can get off in front, back, left and right even in a moment.

Equipped with automatic braking system

The autobrake system operates slowly so that the speed does not increase too much on the downhill.

Furthermore, the regenerative energy charges the battery and extends the cruising range.