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Released on April 1st 2024

​Worldwide Shipping from Japan

WALKCAR 2               $999 USD

WALKCAR 2 Pro       $1499 USD

WALKCAR 2 / 2 Pro is now sold out.

We are accepting orders for the next production by BUY button.

WALKCAR can now be driven on public roads in Japan

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Everyday life WITH WALKCAR

The world's smallest portable mobility vehicle was born from the idea of ``I wish I could carry my car around.'' Living unrestricted by distance from stations or transportation infrastructure will enrich people's lives and change lifestyles and the way cities exist. WALKCAR, born in Japan, is a mobility product that changes the concept of movement.


Places far from the station

I can go, I can live.

WALKCAR brings you closer to your favorite shops and parks. Because you can easily access places that are a little far away on foot, you have more options for living, such as living in a spacious house further away from the station or having more stations nearby. From now on, it may be possible to live a convenient and enjoyable life regardless of the distance from the station.

Take your car with you

2.9kg / A4 laptop size

Every day -> Adventure

4 new colors


Sonic Yellow

Celeste Blue


Sand Beige