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Frequently asked questions (Q & A)

<About driving on public roads>

Q.Can I drive on public roads in Japan?

A. WALKCAR 2 and his WALKCAR (10 km/h model) are road legal. Details are listed here.

Q.WALKCAR 2 - Do I need a helmet or a driver's license to drive WALKCAR (10 km/h model) on public roads in Japan?

A. You will be treated as a pedestrian, so you do not need a helmet or a driver's license.

Q.Can you tell the difference between WALKCAR 2 and WALKCAR 2 Pro by their appearance?

A. WALKCAR can be distinguished by the difference in the label sticker attached to the back of the body (already submitted to the National Police Agency) and the difference in the color pattern of the body LED.

Q.Where can I check the information issued by the National Police Agency regarding the use of WALKCAR on public roads?

A. If you would like to confirm or consult, please contact the prefectural police in your area.

<About the product>

Q.Can you get over the steps?

A.It is designed to be able to climb over sidewalk curbs and Braille blocks that are approximately 10 mm thick.

The tire size is the same as that of a skateboard (for cruising), so you can ride comfortably in areas where skateboards can be ridden.

Q.Will it not move if I am over the weight limit?

A.For optimal performance, the product specs have a weight limit of 20-80kg.

Q.Does the speed increase when going downhill?

A.It is equipped with an automatic braking function, so it will not speed up too much when going downhill. Gentle automatic braking will reduce the speed to the set driving mode (10 km/h mode, etc.).


Q.Can I turn around quickly?

A.It has a turning radius similar to that of a bicycle or kickboard, so it is suitable for use in large outdoor areas. Since it uses centrifugal force to turn, it is possible to make sharp turns at higher speeds.


Q. Is it possible to ride even on rainy days?

A. Since it has a simple waterproof design, it will not malfunction if you drive on wet roads, but there is a risk of malfunction if it is submerged in water such as puddles. Additionally, we do not recommend riding on rainy days as there is a risk of injury due to slips, etc.

Q.Can I charge it with a device other than the included dedicated charger? Can I use a mobile battery?

A.It cannot be charged with anything other than the included charger. If you want to charge outdoors, you can connect the included WALKCAR charger to a portable power outlet. (Required performance: AC output compatible, output 150W or more, capacity 150Wh or more)

Q. I have a disability in my legs, but can I ride even if I am elderly or have difficulty walking?

A.No. WALKCAR is intended for people who are mentally and physically healthy, are between 10 and 59 years of age, weigh between 20 and 80 kg, wear shoes of at least 20 cm, and can maintain a correct riding posture.

Q.Can I see the instruction manual?

A. Yes, you can download it from here.

Q.Is it possible to change the tires?

A. Yes. Tires are consumable items, both front and rear.You can purchase tires from here (tools included) and replace them yourself. In order to enjoy stable driving, we recommend that you replace it once every six months (mileage: 200km).

Q.Can I bring it on the plane?

A.WALKCAR is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a rated capacity of 68Wh. Although the capacity is smaller than 160Wh, which is the limit for carrying on aircraft, please check directly with the airline you are using to confirm whether or not you can carry it on board.

<Before purchasing>

Q. Is there a place where I can see the actual product?

A. We are planning to exhibit the actual product at "Tsutaya Home Appliances +" in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo. →Currently in preparation

Q.Can I try it out before purchasing?

A.Currently, there are no plans to hold test drive events, etc.

Q.Is it possible to rent it?

A.We are currently preparing. ​

Q.Can I purchase in installments?

A.We do not have a plan for split purchase exclusively for WALKCAR. If you wish to purchase in installments, please use your own credit card to pay in installments.

<About post-purchase support>

Q.Is there a product warranty in case of repair or breakage?

A. Yes, we come with a 12-month product warranty service as standard. In the event of failure other than obvious intentional damage, parts will be replaced free of charge.

Please contact us here.

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