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Frequently Asked Questions (Q & A)

<About driving on public roads>

Q. Is it possible to drive on public roads in Japan?

A.WALKCAR (10 km / h model) can be driven on public roads. However, since the same Road Traffic Law as kickboards is applied, use on roads with frequent traffic is prohibited. (Road Traffic Act, Article 76, Paragraph 4, Item 3)

You will be treated as a pedestrian on the sidewalk. WALKCAR (15 km / h model) is not allowed to drive on public roads even at speeds below 10 km / h. 

Q. Do I need a helmet or driver's license to drive on public roads with the 10km / h model?

A. Since the same road traffic law as kickboards is applied, you do not need a helmet or driver's license.

<About the product>

Q. Can I get over the steps?

A. It is designed to overcome the curb of the sidewalk of about 10 mm and the Braille block.

The tire size is the same as that of a skateboard (for cruising), so you can comfortably drive in places where you can run a skateboard.

Q. Doesn't it move if I exceed the weight limit?

A. It will not move or break down immediately, but it will lead to a decrease in step-over performance. For optimal performance, we recommend a weight limit of 30 to 80 kg.


Q. Will the speed increase on the downhill?

A. Since it is equipped with an automatic braking function, the speed will not increase too much on a downhill. The slow automatic braking reduces the speed to the set driving mode (10 km / h mode, etc.).


Q. Can you make small turns?

A. The turning radius is about the same as that of a bicycle or kickboard, so it is suitable for use in a wide outdoor area. Since it bends using centrifugal force, it is possible to make sharp turns at high speeds.


Q. Is it possible to ride even on rainy days?

A. Since it has a simple waterproof design, it will not break down if you run on a wet road surface, but it may break down if it is flooded with a puddle.

In addition, we do not recommend riding on rainy days as there is a risk of injury due to slipping.

Q. Is it possible to charge with other than the attached dedicated charger? Can I use a mobile battery?

A. You can only charge with the included charger. If you want to charge outdoors, you can charge it by connecting the charger attached to WALKCAR to the outlet of the portable power supply. (Required performance: AC output compatible, output 150W or more, capacity 150Wh or more)

Q. I am lame. Can elderly people and people who have difficulty walking can ride?

A. No. WALKCAR is intended for people aged 14 to 59 years old, weight 30 to 80 kg, shoe size 20 cm or more, who can maintain a correct riding posture, and who are physically and mentally healthy.

Q. Can I see the instruction manual?

A. Yes. You can download it from here.

Q. Is it possible to replace tires and batteries?

A. Yes. You can replace the tires yourself by purchasing them (with tools) from here. In order to enjoy stable driving, we recommend that you replace it once every six months (mileage 200km) as a guide.

Battery replacement is available for 19,800 yen (tax included). We will replace it with a new battery and return it within 2 to 5 business days after arriving at the repair shop. It is suppressed to about 20% deterioration after 500 charges, and can be used for 3 to 5 years without significant deterioration. During the exchange is here please contact us.

<Before purchase>

Q. Is there a place where I can see the real thing?

A. Yes. We are exhibiting the actual products (Idea Blue, Ipsum Silver) at "Tsutaya Home Appliances + (Plus)" in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo.

Q. Can I experience it before purchasing?

A. Yes. Please reserve a test drive experience from here. Currently, it is held only in Tokyo.

Q. Is rental etc. possible?

A. We do not currently offer rental services, but if you cannot participate in the test drive event (Tokyo) but would like to try it, please contact us individually.

Q. Is it possible to purchase in installments?

A. We do not have a plan for split purchase exclusively for WALKCAR. If you wish to purchase in installments, please use your own credit card in installments.

<About support after purchase>

Q. Is there a product warranty in case of repair or breakage?

A. Yes, a 12-month product warranty service is included as standard. Parts other than obvious intentional damage will be replaced free of charge.

Please contact us from here.


Q. Is it possible to change from the 10 km / h model to the 15 km / h model and from the 15 km / h model to the 10 km / h model?

A. Yes. Please mail it to us and we will respond by changing the software. Please apply from here.

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