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Software updates (¥9,800 )



This is a software update program that allows you to change to each model after purchase (15 km/h model → 10 km/h model, 10 km/h model → 15 km/h model) in consideration of future revisions to the Road Traffic Act. (9,800 yen including tax and shipping fee).

Even those who have already purchased WALKCAR will be able to drive on public roads by changing to a 10 km/h model.

It is also possible to re-change from 10 km/h model to 15 km/h model.

・This program is intended to comply with the Road Traffic Act in Japan, and is only for shipping within Japan.
・After applying for the software update program from our website, in addition to updating the software at the factory, we will replace it with a new serial sticker submitted to the National Police Agency.

・Because it involves disassembly work, we may not be able to return customized products (stickers, etc.).

・It will be returned in about a week, but it may take longer depending on the application status.

*After payment is completed, we will contact you by e-mail with information such as the delivery address.

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