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Manufacturer's warranty / repair


We make every effort to ensure quality, but if a problem occurs during the manufacturer's warranty period (12 months from the date of shipment) during use according to the contents of the instruction manual, we will repair and replace it free of charge. I will have it. In addition, the outer box and packing material may be scratched or soiled during delivery, but it may not be possible to handle it as a defective product unless it affects the main unit and accessories. Please note that the customer will be responsible for the repair cost (repair cost / shipping fee) after the product warranty period has expired.

For repair and replacement requests, please contact the customer desk ( ).



* Please note that even within the warranty period, the warranty does not cover the following cases.

• Scratches on the appearance of the main body that occurred after opening
• Failures caused by customer modifications
• If the serial number of the target product and the image of the target product are not presented
• Failure or damage caused by handling contrary to the contents of the instruction manual
• Failure or damage due to natural disasters such as fire, storm and flood damage, lightning strike, earthquake, tsunami, eruption, etc.
• Failure or damage due to excessive impact such as falling, slipping, or collision while driving
• Failure or damage due to improper handling during transportation or movement by the customer
• Consumables (tires) wear, damage, battery deterioration
• Failure or damage due to natural consumption, wear, rust, mold, stuffiness, rot, alteration, discoloration, or other similar reasons.
• Failure or damage due to external factors such as product dropping or getting wet
• If the customer does not own the product due to theft, loss, misplacement, or other reasons, and the condition of the product cannot be confirmed.

* Since this product may be classified as dangerous goods by air transportation, it may be difficult to deliver the repaired product due to local regulations, or it may be transported by sea.

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