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About public road driving in Japan
WALKCARs with a maximum speed of 10 km/h or less can be driven on public roads in Japan (from July 14, 2021)

Public road driving: Possible ( treated as a pedestrian)
・WALKCAR (10 km/h model)

The National Police Agency and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism have announced that WALKCARs with a maximum speed of 10 km/h or less are not considered vehicles under the Road Traffic Act (they are treated as pedestrians). It was reported to the police. (July 14, 2021)
Therefore, when driving on public roads, you can walk on the sidewalk as a pedestrian (no helmet or driver's license required / you can ride on the sidewalk at a maximum speed of 10km/h).
However, like kickboards and roller skates, it is prohibited to use them on roads with frequent traffic (Article 76, Paragraph 4, Item 3 of the Road Traffic Act).

​Public road riding: Not allowed (treated as a motorized bicycle)
・WALKCAR (15 km/h model)

From July 1, 2020, electric mobility vehicles that meet certain standards will be classified as "specified small motorized bicycles," and new traffic rules will apply, such as not requiring a driver's license. (Metropolitan Police Department reference website)
However, WALKCAR 2 Pro and WALKCAR (15 km/h model) do not meet some of the criteria below (3 points marked with an X), so they are classified as "general motorized bicycles" rather than "specified small motorized bicycles". However, driving on public roads is not permitted even if the maximum speed is less than 10km/h.

A “specified small motorized bicycle” is one that meets all of the following criteria:
○ Vehicle size must be less than 190cm in length and 60cm in width.
As the prime mover, use an electric motor with a rated output of 0.60 kilowatts or less.
Cannot reach speeds exceeding 20 kilometers per hour
The maximum speed setting cannot be changed while driving.
Equipped with an automatic transmission (AT) mechanism
Must be equipped with a maximum speed indicator
× Must comply with safety standards under the Road Transport Vehicle Act ( braking device, headlights, rearview mirror, etc. )
× Automobile liability insurance (mutual aid) contract
× Must have a sign (license plate) installed

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