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Media Information

2020.10.23 | Nikkei Cross Tech "Portable EV with a weight of 2.9 kg, to the one-seater market in rough seas"

2020.10.06  | Car & Life Style Published in WALKCAR in the November issue of Tokoro-san's information-packed magazine "Daytona" "The era of carrying cars in bags !?"

2020.09.18  | Weekly ASCII "Transcendental electric skateboard" WALK CAR "once every 10 years level of fun"

2020.09.04  | J-WAVE Radio  "TDK DREAM PITCH"

2020.08.24  | Nippon Television The whole world is visible! TV Special Investigation Department "Laughing and surprised, super-smooth! Rainy day rides in a row"

2020.08.14  | Yomiuri TV  Osaka Honwaka TV  "Life changes! Super cutting-edge convenient item"

2020.08.07  | Tsutaya Home Appliances + (Futakotamagawa) "WALKCAR Exhibition & Test Drive Start"

2020.06.09  | Teijin Limited Press Release "Carbon Fiber and Polycarbonate Resin Adopted for" WALKCAR ""

2018.05.04  | Nihon Keizai Shimbun "Technologist, Creating a City"

2017.10.09 | Weekly Diamond "A portable" car "changes your life [Taizo Son]"

2017.01.15  | NTV Shuichi "KAT-TUN Yuichi Nakamaru  2017 Trend Forecast "

2016.11.18  | Former Spanish national football team "Joaquín Sanchez" experiences WALKCAR

2016.11.18  | NHK TV News Watch 9 "The world's smallest electric vehicle originating from Japan"

2016.11.18  BBC "WalkCar: Hands-on with Japan's car-in-a-bag"

2016.10.28 | Nihon Keizai Shimbun  "A" mobile car "from Japan, asking what the city should be"

2016.10.14 |  GIZMODO "You Can Soon Buy That Tiny Scooter That Looks Like a Laptop You Can Ride"

2015.10.21  | Nihon Keizai Shimbun  "A portable electric four-wheeled vehicle  Shibuya's VB, stand up to commercialization A4 size "

2015.08.10  | BBC  "'Car-in-a-bag' created in Japan"

2015.08.08 |  TIME "The Japanese Have Just Perfected The Skateboard"

2015.08.07 |  GIZMODO "  A Tiny Personal Transporter That Looks Like a MacBook You Can Ride"

2015.08.07  | Reuters "Japanese engineer develops world's first'car in a bag'"

2015.07.15 | TV TOKYO world business satellite "Huis Ten Bosch" strange hotel "identity"

2013.03.01 | Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun  "A portable EV / violin performance robot ... Create things and the future yourself"

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